luni, 12 decembrie 2011

The EDC song

Am gasit pe YouTube un clip dedicat EDC. Enjoy!


Peeps is always askin' what's my EDC
So I made this video for you to see
The gun that I carry ain't Nutnfancy
But I rock a Glock cause I ain't a Nancy

I got my G19 with a TRL-3
and my backup .380 LCP
I got a mini Griptilian in baby blue
And an NAA mini .22 in my shoe

Got a Swiss Army wallet to hold all my cash
And for all the small tasks I got a Sog Flash
I got me a stainless Seiko watch
And another backup gun inside my crotch

I got a Spyderco Bug mixed in with my keys
And a Bladetech light when it's hard to see
I got a sexy Spyderco Centofante 3
And a neck knife made by cool Kyley the Kiwi 

I always got me a Benchmade, word to your mother
And at least 10 more cause I'm a Cutlerylover
Got an Endura cause this knife is the greatest
And if you don't believe me you can ask J. Davis

That completes my EDC for today
Peace out suckers! iPalabra a tu Madre!

All lyrics and video © 2011 Knapp Brothers Entertainment.